Paint-Shop   This department is a factory within one. Arranged by the finest, high tech and modern painting system Europe had to offer the paint line facility is considered to be one of our strength, the excellent quality of our finished wheel and its luster are the proofs of our claim. The AWMC paint line is supported with wide range of in-house laboratory facilities which can evaluate the effects of harsh environment and road condition in an accelerated manner to guarantee the expected quality performance . Undoubtedly, this technology is unique and second to none. After CNC machining process, de-burring, polishing and inspection occur. Alloy wheels are ready for painting process.
Briefly, alloy wheels transfer to pretreatment (PT) unit. Degreased again, chemically washed, passivated  and washed by DI water, after which going through the oven to get totally dried then painting process starts. Powder paint applied, baked in oven, applying liquid metallic paint and liquid resin for glossy look, baked for something, cooling off finished alloy wheels in ambient room. All wheels must be visually inspected for appearance, stamped and packaged according to the customer requirement and delivered to final destination.

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